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Comedy Acting Techniques for Character Performers

comedy-acting-techniques-colin-underwoodComedy Acting Techniques for Character Performers, by Colin Underwood.

Surprise is vital for character entertainers and increases magical entertainment.

Especially in children’s shows. The more surprised you act, the funnier your audience will find your routine.

Suspense in another excellent element to use in your show.

Don’t rush over the magic effect and “lose those magic moments”.

Allow your spectators to think about and absorb what has taken place.

Dramatize the moment…. and then… well you’ll just have to read more!

Enjoy this free download by Colin Underwood.

Download free .pdf  on Comedy Acting Techniques for Character Performers here

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Performance Tips

colin-underwood-corporate-magicianPerformance tips by top Corporate Magician,  Colin Underwood.

Learn how costumes, characters & accessories all play a part in you giving your best performance.

For example what your character wears and what accessories he uses, immediately defines for an audience what to expect from him. e.g. Many cameras hanging around a character’s neck immediately indicate a comedy character.

The internet is a very useful source for character-work costumes.

Always take the weather into consideration – you need to be comfortable too when performing.

Antique shops often have much needed accessories and props.

Make-up is important  and can enhance a character’s look – remember especially on stage as stage lights can leave you looking bleached out.

Read more and  enjoy this free download by Colin Underwood.

Download free .pdf  on Costumes Accessories and Make-up here

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The performing environment

the-performing-environment-colin-underwood-international-celebrity-magicianThe performing environment can either enhance or distract from your performance.

By taking various factors into account such as :

  • type and size of venue
  • flow of people
  • be aware of your surroundings – e.g. fixtures such as chairs, tables
  • music and background noise
  • length of performance
  • indoor or outdoor venue – will weather be a factor

Download the full article about The Performing Environment 

.pdf. download   where international celebrity magician Colin Underwood shares tips  on how to deliver the best performance possible.


Experience the magic!

Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

Call Colin for more details : +27 (0) 78 625 9663 or drop him a mail: info@colinunderwood.com


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Magicians Give away Stickers!

Colin Underwood – Corporate Magician

Magicians Give away Stickers! Another great cost effective marketing tool!

I also have a sticker with my clown face (if you are a magician this can be a logo or picture of your rabbit) and all my contact details on it. I feel that there is less of a hardcore business feel by promoting yourself in this way. For me the direct sell to the kid about booking me at the next function must be subtle otherwise the character is lost and that is what the audience will remember, not your magic skills!!

I will finish and then ask the kids who wants stickers, 99% will respond yes. I then hand out stickers to the kids telling them to go stick their sticker on their mom’s telephone directory or their phone or in their sticker book!! Watch out what you tell them, they will do it!!

I also have party bags made up and these are handed out at end of party as going home presents from the mom to the kids. Depending on the budget of the mom she will maybe add other items to your bag. These bags are sold as added items when negotiating. The bags contain a lot of cheap marketing items such as stickers, colouring books, pencils and other pre-designed goodies which all have your contact number and of course your name.

I make a big balloon animal for the birthday boy, now here I mean a multiple balloon animal as it finishes with a big display, which is relatively skillful and is a great finish for the show. It has that emotional hook factor which parents love.

Now many times the other children at the party will come up and ask for the same balloon animal. I use this wanting to my advantage by saying it’s my special present to the birthday child. I then ask the child if he likes the balloon and get an affirmative and then drop him the hook, I tell him that when he has me at his party I’ll make him a balloon so he must go tell his mom he wants me at his party, off he will shoot and his mother who is normally chatting with the other moms will not see the set up and will ask for my card.

I have also used a large cut out of ‘’ I LOVE WOODY THE CLOWN” and painted it up to look like a think bubble as in cartoon comics. I pull this out when the dad comes to photograph the kid during the part that I have the birthday boy dressed up in funny clothes.

I highlight in my selling of the show this feature. The father then has a personal photograph with your name on it with their child saying I love Woody or whatever you want on there. It is subtle and you can get away with it as its gets a laugh.

I have more generic ones such as “”I love you” and pulled it out as a sight gag. It works when there is an interruption in your show such as delivery of food which does happen sometimes and works as you just stand there with this think bubble next to your head, as the parent is nearly finished and notices the catch word which says I love you, she will laugh, I immediately turn it around and it says”” Hurry Up!”” or such like. The food disturbance is more likely when performing in a restaurant and the burgers all arrive en mass.

Experience the magic! Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

Call Colin for more details : +27 (0) 78 625 9663 or drop him a mail: info@colinunderwood.com

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Using business cards as marketing tools

Colin Underwood – Corporate Magician

Performers Business cards can work some magic for you!

I will do the show and then get permission from the birthday mom to display my business cards. The best place for them is on the tea table. I ribbon spread the cards making a nice display which catches the mom’s eye during tea. I generally just ask the moms who would like business cards.

If you do a good show, moms WILL take your card. They go to many parties and can tell a good show from a bad one.

Just a mention here about your performing character when dealing with parents and I mean especially as a clown character and you have make up on it is a good thing to become more normal if this is possible, as they (the moms) will be looking at a rather unusual face with a big red nose attached!

I have found it is better to be in normal character when discussing where to perform and your needs. As soon as this is done you can move back into the clown or comedy character.

As adults we are judging that person under the makeup according to our own belief patterns, and rather unfairly, it will put you in the idiot category.

Something to consider…I used to be in charge of my own mini circus show with other artists and being the clown I was never approached to discuss the show or if someone was interested in the performance for another function they would go to the ringmaster or the magician.

Experience the magic! Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

Call Colin for more details : +27 (0) 78 625 9663 or drop him a mail: info@colinunderwood.com

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